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CALICO and CACC in Economist Impact

Economist Impact, the think tank branch of the London-based journal The Economist, recently released a report and accompanying documentary highlighting the prevention and response to child sexual abuse in the United States. We are proud to say the film was shot in part at CALICO and features our own Helena "Holly" Fleming speaking on behalf of CALICO’s statewide program, Children’s Advocacy Centers of California. We urge you to check out the video to learn more about where we stand in this country - and in California - in regard to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

Notably, Economist Impact recognizes the essential role that children’s advocacy centers (CACs) like CALICO have in responding to child abuse allegations. In doing so, the report highlights one major issue hindering our country’s ability to adequately address child abuse, which is that, “Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) bear the brunt of the response without being guaranteed financial support.” We appreciate the bluntness with which such a high-profile research entity describes the issue that CALICO, CACC, and CACs across the country grapple with every day.

We urge you to carve 20 minutes out of your day to watch the short documentary below. It is a compelling, research-based depiction of child sexual abuse and exploitation - and the solutions we have to it - in the U.S.

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