A well-functioning multi-disciplinary team is the foundation of CALICO’s efforts.  CALICO’s team is comprised of 30 partner agencies that work collaboratively from the point a report of child abuse is made.  Together, the team ensures the physical and mental health, safety and well-being of each child. 


Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Alameda PD, Albany PD, BART PD, Berkeley PD, California State University East Bay PD, Dublin Police Services, East Bay Regional Parks PD, Emeryville PD, Fremont PD, Hayward PD, Livermore PD, Newark PD, Oakland PD, Piedmont PD, Pleasanton PD, San Leandro PD, Union City PD, and University of California Berkeley PD

Law enforcement officers are responsible for investigating child-abuse allegations and ensuring the safety of children.  Detectives bring children to CALICO, where the child is interviewed in a safe space by a specially trained professional.  The detective observes the interview, confers with other experts on site, and relies on the child’s testimony to determine if a crime occurred and if an arrest needs to be made.


Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Sexual Assault Team


A district attorney liaison is assigned full-time to CALICO.  She observes interviews and is a member of the Vertical Sexual Assault Prosecution Team that prosecutes crimes against children.  District attorneys rely on legally defensible statements obtained from children at CALICO to successfully prosecute their cases.


Alameda County Social Services Agency, Department of Children and Family Services,
Alameda County Counsel and State of California, Community Care Licensing

Child welfare workers ensure that children are safe at home.  They investigate reports of abuse and neglect of children, particularly when family members are involved.  They coordinate with law enforcement officers to refer children to CALICO, observe interviews, and make joint decisions about how to proceed with a case.  Child welfare workers rely on CALICO interviews to determine whether to remove a child (and siblings) from their home and the best placement for children.

State licensing investigators perform similar functions.  They rely on children’s testimony at CALICO to determine whether group homes or licensed child-care facilities are safe environments for children.


Center for Child Protection at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, and 
Highland Hospital Sexual Assault Response Team

Based on information children reveal in their interview, CALICO assists in coordinating medical exams as appropriate.  Pediatricians and nurses conduct medical examinations to assess a child’s well-being and collect physical and biological evidence vital to prosecution of the offender and treatment of the child.


Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Victim/Witness Assistance Division

Victim advocates sensitively steer families through the criminal-justice system and provide support at every stage of the legal process.   CALICO’s family support team coordinates with victim advocates to ensure families are offered appropriate guidance, information, and referrals and are able to access support services in their communities.


Center for Child Protection at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and 
Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services 

Mental-health clinicians conduct assessments of victims and provide appropriate therapeutic interventions to help them heal from trauma.  CALICO refers many children and families to the Center for Child Protection at Children’s Hospital Oakland, where skilled staff provide psychological support to victims of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse and neglect.  CALICO ensures families receive referrals for relevant clinical services offered in the family’s preferred language and community.


Alameda County Probation Department

Probation officers enforce compliance with court-ordered terms of probation while offering rehabilitative services to young offenders, including specialized services for youth who sexually offend.  At CALICO, more than one out of five children identifies another youth as their offender.   Those youth may also be interviewed to determine if they have been victimized as well. 


The Alameda County Family Justice Center is a one-stop center for victims of family violence.  Dozens of public and not-for-profit organizations are co-located at the center and offer comprehensive services including, for example, legal support, crisis intervention, medical services, and counseling as well as access to domestic violence officers and prosecutors.  CALICO has a satellite office at the center to assist families living in Oakland, Berkeley and other northern Alameda County communities. 

CALICO brings everyone together. I can see a holding of hands of everyone when CALICO enters the situation.

—Brianne Nelson, Child Welfare Worker

Alameda County Social Services Agency