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CACC Corner: 2019 was a Big Year!

CALICO took on the program of Children’s Advocacy Centers of California (CACC) in 2017. The goal was simple: support and grow centers like CALICO throughout the state. The work started out slow at first; supplying small grants and offering technical assistance but in the past few years, the program has grown tremendously. In fact, 2019 was the biggest yet!

2019 started with rolling out Collaborate, a cloud-based data-tracking system, designed specifically for California. This database allows centers like CALICO throughout the state to effectively track their cases. It also lets them check to see if persons involved in cases have been seen in other counties, creating better-coordinated services and effective responses to allegations of abuse.

CACC also hosted new innovative trainings like the Peer Review for Family Advocates. This workshop was designed to bring advocates working with the families of children seen at children’s advocacy centers together for a peer and resources network - 27 people attended! There was also the Forensic Interview Peer Review Facilitator Training. Peer reviews are meetings where forensic interviews are reviewed to ensure that best practices are being used when talking to children about allegations of abuse. This daylong training taught forensic interviewers from around California how to effectively facilitate a peer review.

2020 promises to be just as busy! CACC looks forward to completing the adoption of the Collaborate database, a two-day Annual Summit in Sacramento, continued legislative advocacy, and more! Check out to stay up to date with the latest happenings of CACC!

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