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Year-end Gifts Help Secure CALICO's Future

Dear CALICO Supporter,

Like you, we know the end of the year goes by quickly, in a blur of holiday parties, warm gatherings and family visits. By the time January arrives, it seems hard to recall where the time went and what presents we gave to whom. During the whirlwind of this holiday season, we urge you to give an unforgettable gift to CALICO that will bring justice and healing to abused children throughout 2020.

This year, CALICO has conducted more than 600 interviews with children and adults with developmental disabilities who have been victims of sexual or physical abuse, neglect, or witnessed severe violence. Thanks to generous donors like you, CALICO gives each child or adult with developmental disabilities a safe place to tell what happened to them and the guidance necessary for a healthy recovery. Please consider donating this year, as your gift is more vital than ever - CALICO’s $200K mortgage is due in May 2020. This is the year to invest in CALICO's future by helping us secure a home for our staff, our partners, and most importantly the children we serve everyday. We need your support in paying off the remaining $200K of our mortgage. Your gift invests in the present and the future of justice and healing for victims of abuse in Alameda County.

Because of supporters like you, we have been able to help young victims such as Joey. Joey’s uncle had been sexually abusing him for several years. When he turned nine-years-old, Joey told his mother about the abuse. She called the police. However, Joey was embarrassed to talk about it further – until he came to CALICO. With the support of CALICO’s expert staff, Joey clearly relayed the details of what his uncle did, allowing a detective to obtain a search warrant, which led to the uncle’s arrest. A child welfare worker was also able to determine that Joey was safe living with his mother. With support through every step of this process Joey is now doing well and attending therapy sessions. Joey’s mom told CALICO, “He is like a new child - so much happier than in the last few years.”

You can help CALICO continue to aid children like Joey. Children just like him continue to be hurt, and they need CALICO’s help to move them toward safety, health and healing. Please consider the rewards of making a financial contribution as the year draws to an end, knowing that it is a gift these children and their families will not forget. You can donate online HERE. Thank you for taking a stand against abuse in our community and supporting CALICO in our mission to achieve justice and healing for abused children.


Erin Harper

Executive Director

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