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Changes in CALICO's Board of Directors

CALICO’s beloved Board President, Amy Blanchard, will complete her term on the Board of Directors at the end of this month. Amy has been a member of CALICO’s Board of Directors for the past 7 years serving in multiple roles, including Board President for the last two years. Although she is leaving the CALICO Board of Directors, Amy will still be involved with child advocacy through the Children’s Advocacy Centers of California (CACC) Board of Directors. We’re happy she’ll be staying with the CALICO family. We, here at CALICO, are grateful for all of Amy’s hard work and dedication. Her passion for CALICO’s mission and her enthusiastic spirit will be missed. Thank you, Amy!

While we are saddened to see Amy finish her term, we are delighted to welcome Girish Muckai as the new Board President. Girish has been a part of the CALICO Board of Directors since 2012 and has served as Treasurer for the past year and a half. As President, Girish will lead the Board of Directors in striving to further diversify the fundraising base, integrate and accelerate the Children’s Advocacy Centers of California work and set the stage for growing CALICO further. Girish’s fun attitude and commitment to keeping children safe and healthy make him the perfect incoming President for CALICO’s Board of Directors.

What to know more about Amy and Girish? Check out these fun facts!

Amy has worked for Cisco Systems for the past 15 years, lives in Oakland with her husband and her 3 rescue dogs Jackson, Jimmy Chu and Jasper J. Bear. Amy's favorite things include food, wine, traveling and books. She is also an avid fan of all things Zombie, including but not limited to: Walking Dead, iZombie, Z-Nation, The Returned, and In The Flesh.

Girish is in the business development and corporate strategy organization at Juniper Networks. His wife, Sandhya, develops cancer drugs and their two sons and their Beagle keep them on their toes. Girish aspires to be a stand-up comedian some day, but hasn't had the right jokes yet and the punchlines haven't hit the mark. He is also passionate about poker, but so far has not been dealt any good hands.

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