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North Pole Explorer Raises Awareness

On April 12th, Michael Creasy will leave for an extraordinary adventure: an expedition to the North Pole. To make this trip even more remarkable, Michael will use this expedition to raise funds and awareness for CALICO. As Michael shared, “I had a very fortunate childhood, and I realize that many children do not have the same opportunities that I had. By supporting CALICO, I'm helping improve the lives of vulnerable children and to show them that the world can be a better place.”

As a child, Michael was captivated by famous polar explorers and their adventures. He visited the South Pole in 2014 and fell in love, saying that he “was overcome by not only the majestic beauty of the continent but also the sense of history, of standing at a place that nobody had reached until 1911. It was then that I realized that I had to visit the North Pole.” A supporter of CALICO, Michael decided to use his trip to the Arctic to raise donations for the children and families CALICO aids.

Michael’s journey to the North Pole for CALICO begins as soon as he and six other explorers and two guides gather in Longyearbyen, Norway, the world’s northern-most town. From there, they will be flown by helicopter and dropped off 60 – 100 miles away from the North Pole. Then, in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, the team will ski a rigorous 7-to-10 hours a day for 7-8 days, each towing a sled packed with 80 pounds of gear. To add to the challenge, the skiers will make their way across a drifting ice shelf, which means that every moment they are gliding toward the Pole, the ice may be taking them slightly off course.

Michael is no stranger to travel. Originally from England, Michael grew up travelling around Europe, Asia and the United States. After graduating from college, his sense of adventure led him to relocate to the U.S., and he has called the San Francisco Bay Area his home since 2007. Though Michael is exploring the ends of the earth, he is still remembering his local community and asking for your help. You can support CALICO by supporting Michael’s expedition to the North Pole. Click here for more information.

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