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Young Girl Makes a Big Difference

Not many twelve-year-olds would spend their Saturday taking part in a marketing photo session for a nonprofit. Even fewer would wake up before 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday to run a 5K under threat of rain for that same organization. But Hannah Dermody has done those things, and many more, for CALICO, and not just because her mom is one of CALICO’s child interview specialists. As she says, “I have always enjoyed volunteering for CALICO, because it never felt like work or something I had to do.”

Hannah has helped out at multiple CALICO events, selling raffle tickets, handing out prizes, and thanking donors for their support. She appeared in the agency’s first promotional video when she was only three years old, and when CALICO made a new video last summer, Hannah was there again, taking part in another mock interview to protect the privacy of abused children who have been to CALICO. About that experience, Hannah remarked that she felt “sad hearing what others were talking about,” but proud to be in the video because “I want to help the kids who have to go to CALICO, and I feel like I am raising awareness for what they have gone through.”

CALICO is lucky to have dedicated volunteers like Hannah, her brother Sean and dad Scott, who also give of their time. Community support like theirs enables us to provide vital services for abused children and their families. It also, as Hannah wisely pointed out, helps raise awareness about abuse, which is just as important.

CALICO is proud to have Hannah featured in our agency video and marketing materials, and to have her help at events. Her generosity might encourage other young people to volunteer but it might also inspire an abused child to tell someone what happened and get help.

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