Snapshot of Success - Teen Donates to CALICO for an Inspiring Reason

When Ally, a junior at a local high school, reached out to CALICO to donate stuffed animals we were grateful. However, when we learned what had inspired her generosity we were deeply moved.

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From Armchair Donor to CALICO Board Member: You can do it too!

This holiday season one community member took his commitment to helping abused children from passive to active by joining CALICO’s board of directors.

Click to discover what inspired CALICO’s newest board member Hari Harikrishnan.
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CALICO's 19th Annual Collaborative Training

CALICO hosted its 19th Annual Collaborative Training. CALICO was thrilled to bring in experts to talk about children who sexually offend against other children. Click below to learn about the training
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A Child's Best Defense Is Her Voice

A part of CALICO’s work is supporting legislation that helps to keep children safe and healthy. Most recently this involved Erin Harper, CALICO’s State Coordinator of the Children’s Advocacy Centers of California, testifying on behalf of SB 1148 which was passed this past August. We also support Erin’s Law which was passed in 2014. Erin’s Law requires that school teach children about body safety and how to tell if they are abused. Recently, Erin Merryn, the activist behind Erin’s Law, wrote an article for the National Children’s Alliance about the experiences that drove her to fight for this law to be created. Click below to read about Erin and her law.
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