Open for Kids 2020 

As COVID-19 continues to spread, our world as we knew it seems like a distant memory. Yet, through this difficult time, CALICO has worked tirelessly to keep our doors open and continue to provide services to hurt children. 
Unfortunately, child abuse is on the rise. Experts predict there will be a dramatic increase in child abuse reports once the shelter-in-place restrictions lift. While the demand for service is increasing, CALICO is working with fewer resources.
Our community needs CALICO now, more than ever. 
And CALICO needs YOU.


Since the start of the shelter-in-place order CALICO has provided in-person services to over 200 children and their families. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancelation of the two largest and most crucial fundraising events for CALICO.
These cancelations cost CALICO over $100,000 in crucial funding for abused children and families.  

Here is how your donation helps: 
  • $1,000 provides services for a child and their family. 
  • $500 covers the cost of a Family Advocate supporting a caregiver.
  • $100 buys a month of snacks for children visiting CALICO’s office.


In 2020, CALICO will have served over 600 children and their families.

Make the difference in the lives of abused children and their families.

Donate today.

Thank you to our amazing donors!

Recha Bergstrom, Helena Berns, Pran Bhattacharyya, Dan Brennan, Kate Bullis, Lindsay Colla, 

Carol Cromwell, Matthew DiNitto, Howard Freeberg, 

Kevin Fujinami, Jackie Gallinaro, Amber Gibson, Goldie Goodman, Heckart Family, Alyssa Jaffee, 

S. Ketaki, Jennifer Lilburn, 

Mike McFall, Kelsi Perttula,

Sarah Primm, Laurel Przybylski, Becca Rosenthal, John Salter, David Sanders, Sara Tillman,

Abinash Tripathy, Eric Vermillion, Pam Walton, Dana Yakoobinsky,


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Copyright © 2017 CALICO