Copyright © 2017 CALICO

Copyright © 2017 CALICO



While everyone starts running for a different reason, our runners all join Team CALICO for the same reason – they want to help keep children safe and healthy. Our team gets bigger every year, and runners help raise funds to provide vital services for abused children and their families.

Every $1,000 raised will provide a family in crisis with a comprehensive package of services including a quality forensic interview, crisis intervention, follow up support, and referrals for community-based services. Joining Team CALICO is fun and easy way to help children and spread awareness.


Please consider one of these fun ways to get involved:


Sign up for a 5K, relay, half-marathon, or full marathon on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at the Oakland Running Festival. All runners receive a CALICO performance t-shirt. 

Team CALICO runners commit to raising $500 to support CALICO’s forensic interviewing and family support services.  With that commitment, CALICO will cover the cost of registration. $500 might sound like an intimidating amount of money, but you will be surprised by how manageable it actually is. And CALICO will be here to help you every step of the way! We provide support, as well as tips and tricks to help you meet your fundraising goal.  

Interested in running with Team CALICO? Great!  

Fill out this form and a board member will get you registered and contact you with more information. 

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page or email



Not a runner? Join us at the CALICO water stop or cheer squad and provide welcome refreshment and encouragement. Email for more information.


Visit our fundraising page and sponsor a runner on Team CALICO.


Check out our event site to learn more about the most recent Oakland Running Festival or our Facebook page to see pictures from race day.

We are grateful to the sponsors, runners, water stop volunteers, and cheer squad volunteers listed to the right who raised over $31,000 for CALICO through the 2018 Oakland Running Festival. This year we hope to surpass that goal!

2019 Oakland Running Festival

2019 Runners

Jhale Ali, Tyler Allen, Stephen Ballard, Kerry Barker, Adam Barton, Asif Karim Bherani, Finnegan Brannon, Sean Brannon, Raphael Braschoss, Kristy Brodeur Dermody, Nadia Bueno, Nydeliz Castillo, Rhonda Chang, Naresh Kumar Chava, Anthony Chung, Jacqueline Cierny, Jennifer Co, Mel Coronado, Mary Cruz, Scott Dermody, Bruce Erickson, Hilary Ervin, Holly Fleming, Kyle Galle, Rumya Gangadharan, Gunjan Gharat, Sandeep Goel, Edward Golba, Varun Gullipalli, Alexandra Harper, Dave Harper, Erin Harper, Jean Harper, Steve Harper, Annabel Harper, Lila Harper, Henry Holloway, Rachel Holloway, Jennifer Kell, Phumzile Khumalo, Kasey Konkus, Lauren Krupa, James Kwan, Janice Le, Oliver Lehner, Jessica Ligerman, Marina Marinushkina, Alex Martinez, Claudia Mau, Sarah McClung, Melanie McIntosh, Colleen McMahon, Shravya Mekala, Jenifer Mello, Elena Moliterno, Leslie Oestreicher, Quentin Paresys, Prahar Patel, Tajalben Patel, Nirmal Patel, Allen Pham, Tristin Pittenger, Satish Pothuri, Khalil Robinson, Sachin Rohatgi, Shalini Rohatgi, Charlotte Ronemus, Andrea Saldana, Sandeep Shandilya, Nawaz Mobussirul, Haque Sheikh, Sharvil Shetty, Ryan Sill, Steven Silveira, Gautham Sista, Marina Slavova, Ashley Snyder, Charlotte Steinbauer, Joanne Steinbauer, Rebecca Steinbauer, Ivy Tao, Mounica Thanneeru, Gena Tomisser, Paul Tomisser, Gregory Verrilli, Elodie Voleau, Cathryn Weems, Claire White, Allison Wood, Wendy Wyskiel, Kirby Zabala, Fan Zhang, Donna Zhang

2019 Volunteers

Christoper Anderson, Seiji Armstrong, Sheena Chen, Bruce Erickson, Peter Franko, Ryan Erickson, Anita Joseph, Talia Kasman, Leo Kurtysh, Greta Mueller, Jenn Ott, Elizabeth Padilla, Francesco Polizzi, Karin Schmidt, Mackenzie Thomas, Laura Zagar

2019 Team CALICO Co-Chairs

Ryan Erickson

Rachel Holloway

2018 Oakland Running Festival

2018 Runners

Jhale Ali, Chris Berrones, Winston Chang, Juan Chen-Olsen, Alex Clark, Zachary Diaz, Bruce Erickson, Holly Fleming, Jim Galle, Kyle Galle, Hari Harikrishnan, Alexandra Harper, Annabel Harper, Cade Harper, Dave Harper, Erin Harper, Lila Harper, Stephen Harper, Yan Heim, Liyan Hou, Mengzhi Hu, Nisreen Hussain, Yusuf Kazi, Kony Kim, Kasey Konkus, Lauren Krupa, Helen Li, Jessica Ligerman, Yuee Ling, Hanbin Liu, Ye Liu, PeiYing Lo, Chris Lyon, Lauren Markward, Alex Martinez, Leslie Oestricher, Emily Parsons, Jon Rastrullo, Alexandra Rodriguez, Charlotte Steinbauer, Joanne Steinbauer, Rebecca Steinbauer, Nate Villegas, Jean-Nicolas Vollmer, Cathryn Weems, Jake Weems, Jasper Weems, Stasha Wyskiel, Jin Yang, Alice Zhang, Natalie Zimmer

2018 Team CALICO Co-Chairs

Lauren Markward
Shilpa Roa